Benefits realisation management and project success

Benefits Realisation Management and project success: new research article (International Journal of Project Management)

Benefits Realisation Management (also known as Project Benefits Management or Benefits Management) has been under the spotlights in the Project Management community in these last years. The ‘new’ discipline has been increasingly studied and employed by organisations and practitioners as a set of processes which can ensure the execution of business strategies and creation of value, through the delivery and embedment of programme and project requirements into the day-to-day business.

About three years ago, I started a Masters in Programme and Project Management at the WMG – University of Warwick (UK) aiming to identify if Benefits Management could be a missing link between Project Management and Business Strategies. The impact of governance in project success was an issue that I had observed several times in the previous 12 years of my career in Project Management, but I had never had enough time to investigate the issue in more depth. Then, as part of my Masters research and having the support from several organisations and professionals, such as PMI and APM-UK, I gathered over 300 responses to my questionnaires. A set of statistical models helped me to identify the impact of these practices on different perspectives of project success. The results from my research are then an evidence of how much these practices can influence project success from a strategic perspective by ensuring that projects deliver the expected and strategically aligned value to the business.

In 2012, I produced a research paper, which was awarded with the Postgraduate Student Award 2012 by the Benefits Management SIG of the Association for Project Management (APM web page about the award). I also submitted my results to the Project Management Institute (PMI), as a participant of its survey programme.

After further refinement of the analysis, Dr Martin Kunc (Warwick Business School) and I worked on an academic research article which was peer reviewed and recently accepted for publication by the International Journal of Project Management. Although the article is still queuing for publication in paper, it is already available for download from the publisher’s website.

In case you have interest in this subject, the full research article is freely available for download from the links below:

Benefits Realisation Management and its influence on project success and on the execution of business strategies (download from Warwick University WRAP)

My previous outcomes of the same research are still freely available for download from the link below:

Benefits Realization Management and its influence on project success, project governance, and execution of business strategy – Analysis of Brazil, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America (download from PMI website)

The influence of Benefits Realisation Management on the success of projects in Brazil, the United Kingdom and the United States of America (download from APM website), winner of the Postgraduate Student Award 2012, from the Benefits Management SIG of the Association for Project Management.

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