Project Management Keywords

Some of our Project Management topics

As discussed in our previous post, projects and programmes have been employed for thousands of years to manage the execution of business strategies. More recently, perhaps in the last half century these have been increasingly recognised as the best way to do that. With greater relevance, new techniques are constantly being created and new areas of knowledge being discovered or better exploited in order to improve our capabilities to achieve success. The discussion of the following key Project Management subjects will help us to increasingly embark on this journey to a projectized world.

Benefits Realisation Management:

Benefits realisation management ensures projects and programmes delivering the outcomes required by the organisation’s business strategy. More than that, it also ensures the continuous control of these outcomes ensuring the embedment into the business routine.

Project Portfolio Management:

Project portfolio management ensures the strategic effectiveness of the organisation’s projects, by applying the best practices in areas such as project selection, evaluation, prioritisation and control.

Project and Programme Management Office:

Project and Programme Management Offices can be designed in different ways to ensure the successful execution of the organisation’s projects and programmes. They can vary from a repository of best practices and project knowledge to a centre of excellence, which creates methodologies and manages projects and programmes. The more suitable model depends on several factors such as the current business model and objectives.

Project and Programme Management:

Project and programme management are sets of techniques employed to ensure the delivery of non-routine business needs on a manageable and successful way. Allied to Business Performance Management, these techniques set the path for the effective execution of business strategies.